Gennady Vladimirov (Moonsugar): Way To Avantgarde

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Moonsugar-Beyond The…

Chaotical sounds for chaotical humans. Title Artwork is my own



01 - Infinity
02 - Clavier À Lumières
03 - La Lune Malade: Premier Livre
04 - La Lune Malade: Deuxième Livre
05 - Clavier À Lumières (Piano)
06 - Sans Titre
07 - Mental Movements
08 - Oblivion

Total: (78:11)

Album realeased by Sirona Records (France) - visit there

DOWNLOAD ALBUM (ZIP@157.1M) is my new web site where all different items from me have collected at one place. Feel free to visit there :) .Of course, I have to use another accounts too.


Second release from Me.


02.La Pluie
04.L’Onde Ensoleillée

Download album: ZIP@ 76,6M

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Only strong-minded humans will survive. Anothers are dead. Post-industrial society is killing soft-minded… Lost From The Electric Light is allegory

Henri Feuillade -L’Onde Ensoleillée

Track for mini-album “Soleil”, recorded not as Moonsugar, but as Henri Feuillade

(Petroglyph 056) Petroglyph Music & VJG Records - The X-mas Compilation


Brilliant amazing compilation of Drone/Electroacoustical/Experimental music. About a day of lambent madness. Must have all who thinking themselves fans of avantgarde genres… I’m in collaboration with Natalie Alva under No63 with our “Between The Shadow And Soul” track.


Moonsugar-Les Sombres Doutes

Happy New Year!!! I’m beginning 2013 from fresh portion of Drone Cauchemar. For you just recorded track have been performed here. Enjoy if you can. So, I’m thinking about collaboration with local musicians, from my town, as super-band “ARS PSYCHODELICA” to create similiar content. For the title used picture by Jean Pierre Simon, “Nightmare (Cochemare)” taken from

Moonsugar-Le Vide Du Vide Du Vide Du Vide…Il Une Nuit Du Vide

It’s second part of trilogy “Le Vide Du Vide Du Vide Du Vide”… Expressively one.